Footshop 3-Pack Socks


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Footshop is the epitome of love for sneakers. We have so many of them, that you want to be turned into a centipede, but because the sneakers are not the only thing that hides in your wardrobe, you can choose from plenty of clothing from brands from all over the world, and even from a few collections where we have put our hand to the process. One of them is a collection of simple lines and premium materials, in cooperation with the BORN BANE brand, but we are also going into more daring businesses, for example, the tuning inspired merchandise that came from the cooperation with the YZO Empire Label. Together with the LAFORMELA designer brand, we have a collection that links streetwear and the fashion mall with incredible ease, and we did not lower the bar even with a fashionable act bearing Martin Lukáč's designs, that link art with skateboarding subculture and our passion for fashion.

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